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More Solutions Group was founded on the principles of creativity, innovation and a complete feeling of contribution and satisfaction. We strive to offer an environment that is focused, functional and fun. While most companies tend to only have a focus on profitability and ROI, our leadership team believes in a balanced approach to work and family. It is this balance and integrated life style that enables our employees, and network or resources, to deliver high end customer service each and every day.

Our approach to work is simple: If you can keep your team engaged and happy your Customers will in turn be satisfied and you will achieve the financial results you and the company desire. This is nothing new; our open and entrepreneurial culture has brought our leadership team success. Year after year, our team has been successfully expanding our customer base and improving our financial performance.

We are continually working to expand our Network of resources with people who are passionate about their work, excited to take on new challenges, exhibit outstanding professionalism, and take pride in delivering quality day in and day out. We want to enable entrepreneurs of self to thrive in this industry by matching our resources skills and interest with new opportunities:

- More Solutions Group is a robust staffing engine, which has over 50 years of experience.
- We understand what companies want when looking to expand a contingent workforce. We see it as a great benefit of knowing you technically, professionally, and what you are passionate about when looking to engage you in an opportunity.
- Having these relationships, beyond what other staffing agencies can accomplish, enables our success in finding interesting and rewarding work for you.
- This approach also allows us to minimize risk to our Customers, and insure a very high level of success for placement as well as high levels of Customer satisfaction upon completion of projects
- We will continue to work for you to establish relationships that will minimize your risk of gaps in work.
- Networking and knowledge sharing opportunities

  • Monthly events with outside industry experts speaking on topics most interesting to our network.

    If you are interested in learning more about our company and joining our network, please visit us on LinkedIn at,, or contact us at