More Solutions Group team has been together for over 25 years in the data solution and services marketplace, continuing in a decades-long pattern of successfully providing businesses of all sizes with the best possible solutions and services. The team's legacy of providing leading data industry solutions and service companies began in 1991 when Tom Gelson originally founded More Solutions Inc. The company was an industry leader in providing 3rd party tape solutions to mid-range IBM systems users, and was sold to Neartek after establishing itself as a leader in service and support. (Neartek would itself be sold to EMC in 2006.)

The team than founded More Group Inc. as a managed service provider offering data protection and recovery solutions and services to a wide variety of businesses. More Group was selected as a "Best Place to Work" in 2007 by the Boston Business Journal, and was sold to leading industry information systems integrator Forsythe Technology Group in 2008.

After More Groups acquisition, half of the team went to Forsythe and the others to found Vault USA, a cloud-based service provider. Vault USA was sold to NextVault in 2010, and the team then launched Nine Technology, an online backup and recovery technology developer for managed service providers. Nine Technology's assets and intellectual property were sold to industry giant Imation in 2012.

More Solutions Group promises to follow in its predecessors' footsteps through exemplary service and support of customers with an excellent team atmosphere and workplace.