Tom Gelson, Founder

Tom’s career and entrepreneurial spirit have evolved leading up to the launch of More Solutions Group, his fifth venture in the data storage industry.  He has a track record of success as a provider of information technology solutions to both SMB and enterprise customers. 

In 1991, he founded More Solutions, his first data storage company, which quickly grew to become am industry leader in 3rd party IBM midrange tape backup & recovery solutions, In 2001, More Solutions was acquired by Neartek, a virtual tape storage software company. Neartek was later acquired by EMC.

In January 2004, Tom and key industry veterans founded More Group as a data storage integrator in the Northeast region. The Company grew to become a leader in enterprise class data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. More Group’s customer base grew to more than 100+ enterprise customers, and was recognized as a top-tier partner by many of their vendors, and they became a go-to partner for solving complex data storage issues or problems.  The company was also selected as a "Best Place to Work” in 2007 by the Boston Business Journal. In 2008, Forsythe Technology Group acquired More Group and their team. 

After the Forsythe acquisition, Tom went on to found Vault USA, a managed service provider for cloud data backup and recovery. In 2006, dissatisfied with existing cloud backup & recovery software, Tom Gelson and Alex Stoev, his CTO, began developing an entirely new system. In 2010, upon completion of the Powered By Nine product, Nine Technology sold the Vault USA managed service practice to NextVault. In 2012, the technology that governed the Powered By Nine software was awarded a U.S. patent for its combination of block-level deduplication and encryption. Following the issuing of the patent, the technology was sold to Imation (NYSE: IMN).

Tom started his career in the data storage industry at EMC. Tom graduated from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA. He also served for 5 years in the United States Coast Guard at search & rescue stations on the NJ coast and Governor’s Island, NY.

Gelson’s successful leadership, operational, and technical experiences with More Solutions Group offerings:

  1. Tiered Storage– More Solutions, More Group, Vault USA,  & Nine Technology
  2. Cloud Computing & Virtualization - Vault USA & Nine Technology 
  3. Managed & Professional Services – More Group and Vault USA
  4. Maintenance Services - More Solutions, More Group, Vault USA, & Nine Technology
  5. Data Cartridges & Accessories – More Solutions & More Group Founder