Business Resilience and Gartner’s Thoughts on The Vendor Landscape

Gartner Analysts: Jimmie ChangDave RussellPushan Rinnen

Key Findings:

  •  Integrated backup appliances as a group still occupy a smaller market share — but are growing faster — than backup target appliances
  •  While the market is dominated by a few leading established vendors, other large providers and emerging startups are rising up to challenge them with robust offerings and/or new approach.
  • The three key requirements for backup modernization are cost-efficiency, backup and recovery service level, and management simplicity.
  • Vendors are integrating more features into backup appliances, such as disaster recovery (DR), archiving and cloud storage support.


  • Improve the key functionalities like snapshot backup (via hypervisor, OS and/or storage arrays), virtual server integration, public cloud integration, copy data management, and use them as key differentiators in competitio
  • Focus on recovery capability; develop recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) benchmarks for specific applications and virtual environments
  • Large vendors should closely track features and technology road maps offered by more agile and smaller competitors to stay competitive
  • Emerging vendors should develop a clear statement of their value proposition and invest in educating the market, using total cost of ownership (TCO) breakout as evidence.