"Actifio Sky™ Lunch & Learn" with pizza delivery to your office

More Solutions Group is pleased to announce that Actifio has made a significant expansion of its product portfolio dramatically increasing the scope and scale of its enterprise class data virtualization platform. The new offering will extend the functionality of Actifio CDS, making a virtual instance of the company’s Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology available wherever application data may reside, from the data center core to the public cloud. The new product will be the first in a new family called “Actifio Sky™,” and marks a milestone for the company as it moves beyond its integrated appliance-only roots.

The More Team cordially invites you and your colleagues to a "Lunch & Learn" webinar to learn all about the new Actifio Sky™ offering. We will deliver pizza to your office for the webinar. Please email More Solutions Group at info@deservesmore.com or call 1-800-952-3215 to setup a date time that works for you. We will then confirm your pizza choices, delivery address and number of attendees for your "Actifio Sky Lunch & Learn".

For more information on Actifio Sky, visit: http://www.actifio.com/products/actifio-sky/