Introducing Actifio One

Actifio has introduced Actifio One to the world, and we thought we would share some background on the solution, and their strategy in creating it.

What It Is: First the basics, from Actifio’s press release: Actifio One is a cloud-based service built on Actifio’s copy data virtualization technology that provides businesses of all sizes with the fastest and easiest way to make their applications available when and where they need them. Built on Actifio’s revolutionary Virtual Data Pipeline™ (VDP) technology, Actifio One replaces a hodgepodge of data protection and management tools with a single, cloud-based service you can set and forget to protect applications and databases running on physical servers, VMware, Windows, Hyper-v, Linux, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. What they are delivering is an unprecedented capability for an IT organization to dynamically extend their data center into the cloud, enabling applications to operate across a seamless continuum of private, hybrid, and public cloud environments. Something went bump in the night in the data center? Instantly bring up your applications in the cloud. Running short of resources in the data center due to a burst? Migrate a few applications to the cloud for a while. Want to migrate a few or all your applications to the cloud? Done. Instantly. All this, while data is being protected and vaulted with the radical simplicity customers in 36 countries have come to expect from Actifio.

Today they have finally decoupled the “Data” from the “Datacenter,” and freed it to be located, accessed, and used anywhere, instantly. This is BIG. This is the holy grail of IT. For Actifio, this is an evolution in their journey to transform the data management and storage market and offer our solution as a cloud-based service. We leveraged the same large enterprise, battle-proven Virtual Data PipelineTM technology and delivered it as a service in the cloud. We’ve even integrated Resiliency Director to seamlessly move applications between the cloud and on-premises datacenter, and added a brand-new Actifio One portal to let customers manage the service themselves. -

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