Data Protection

One of the first orders of business for any new or growing business is to establish how the data it creates is going to be stored and protected, both where it lives and where it will eventually wind up. There are security (and potentially compliance) concerns to address, but there’s no room to sacrifice performance and speed. How and where is that data going to be located?

Creating redundant copies of data is a given, but should they be located on-site or off-site? Are the copies transferred to tape media or managed on spinning disks? How are they making that transfer and who’s in charge of that process? Are remote offices and mobile employees backing up to the same facilities? How does BYOD factor into the equation? All of these are key questions to ask when designing and deploying a data protection strategy in an organization.

More Solutions Group has decades of experience in data storage and protection, and offers the expertise your company needs when formulating a data protection process. We’ll help you answer all of those questions and we’ll work with you to determine how to go about accomplishing your data protection goals.