Managed Services

With new technological breakthroughs all the time, it’s a challenge for any business to stay on top of what cutting-edge products and services to consider implementing into their environment. And with complex hardware and software governing their business applications, many businesses need help in keeping everything working perfectly and scaling the environment when the time comes.

Engaging with a managed service provider allows a business to focus its resources where they matter most – on the development, sales and support of their own product or service. No more time wasted setting up new networks or provisioning new virtualized servers. Managed service providers work with a business to determine the best environment for the customer’s needs, and then take care of the heavy lifting for deploying and overseeing that environment. 

Professional Services

Technology projects often require substantial manpower and resources to shepherd them from the idea phase to the deployment phase. When you need the extra hands and expertise to make sure the project moves smoothly through the process, your best bet is to contact a managed service provider like More Solutions Group.

More Solutions Group has the experience and skill to manage your IT projects, from development to deployment to decommissioning. 

Maintenance Services

Each major piece of IT equipment and hardware in your organization comes with a maintenance plan. When a business application developer debuts a new software release or upgrade, businesses all over the world begin deploying the new software within their environment.

Those upgrades can be time-consuming and may require the device to be taken offline for the installation process. That can be a nerve-wracking proposition, and More Solutions Group is ready and willing to take it off your hands for you. We work closely with vendors across the IT landscape to understand their technology, and we’ll manage the maintenance and upkeep of your devices, freeing you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

More Solutions Group is a vendor-neutral managed service provider with productive and long-term relationships with many of the industry’s leading technology developers. We commit to helping you find the right combination of hardware and software to make your business run smoothly.