Enterprise Virtualization

At the heart of any business with IT needs is the data center. Keeping that data center simple and efficient is one of the fastest ways for a business to save money. Virtualization empowers businesses to operate several business applications, servers, and desktops from a single device, reducing costs and complexity at the data center. Additionally, operating on a virtualized environment allows businesses to conduct test/dev activities safely, without any threat to their production data. Provision a new virtualized device and experiment with new business applications. Eliminate your dedicated Exchange server. Easily deploy new desktops for new employees. Virtualization opens many doors for businesses with limited resources. More Solutions Group offers virtualization consulting and implementation services, from simple server virtualization to disaster recovery and long-term data storage. We’re ready and eager to demonstrate the efficiencies that virtualization can present, to work with you to incorporate this technology into your environment, and to partner with you to develop and maintain operational efficiencies and agility.