Tiered Storage

Not all data is created equal. In any organization, there’s the data that needs to be available at all times, there’s data that needs to be accessible on demand, but that isn’t mission-critical, and there’s data that needs to stick around, but that is unlikely to be needed in the immediate future.

Separating those classes of data can make a data storage solution significantly more efficient. Instead of putting all of the company’s data, critical and noncritical, onto the same hardware with the same bandwidth, break it up and keep only the really important information right at hand.

That’s what tiered storage does – it gives a business the ability to segment their data based on its importance to day-to-day operations. Use the best hardware and the fastest network connections on mission-critical information, and use commodity hardware and network connections on long-term storage information.

More Solutions Group offers tiered and hybrid storage options to enable your business to protect critical information within easy access while maintaining noncritical data securely in a virtualized or cloud environment.