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More Solutions Group
More Solutions Group
  • Your Bridge to the Modern Workforce

    In the United States, more than 40 percent of workers are now employed in “alternative work arrangements,” such as contingent, part-time, or gig work.  Learn more about More.

    Centers of Excellence

    More Solutions Group is More than just IT Staffing.  More provides service Solutions to meet the needs of our Customers to transform their IT environments

    Partner With More

    Changing the game of IT services by enabling growth of top individuals and small IT service providers.  Investing in partnerships results in success and the ultimate satisfaction of our Customers.

    Proven Experience

    For decades, More Solutions Group has been delivering quality solutions and services to our customer. Our team maintains a close eye on industry trends, changing customer needs, and to consistently maintain centers of excellence.

    Our Approach

    In 2018, More Solutions Group turned our focus to IT Staffing.  We insure that we are providing the highest quality resources by only leveraging known resources and services that are focused on solutions within our Centers of Excellence (See  Solutions  page for more details).  Whether it be delivering a large or transformational solution through services, or staff augmentation, the More approach will deliver success.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional service & support. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our approach, alignment of our resources to meet your needs, and that More's investment in our resources and in you, will result in a positive return on your investment. 

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